The Dark Legions

The Dark Legions 1

Game similar to Age of Empires and Warcraft

The Dark Legions is a strategy game in 3D about the medieval times. This program has story based missions where you have to complete a specific objective in order for you to proceed to the next level of play.

The Dark Legions requires you to build your army and expand your empire. This program allows you to go up against the computer or up against other players in different scenarios or missions that are selected randomly.

The Dark Legions has 18 army units and 13 buildings that change according to the type of terrain, theme or weather in the scenario. Each unit has their respective strengths and weaknesses that you have to exploit in order for you to defeat your opponent.

The game is similar to Age of Empires or Warcraft so if you have tried these games, playing the Dark Legions will not be difficult to understand.

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